Install yarn add @spark-web/core
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Bundle unpkg.com

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The SparkProvider component is a Context provider to provide functionality for the following things:

  • A theme provider allows for overriding the default theme
  • A link component provider allows for passing in a custom link component (created with the makeLinkComponent function in @spark-web/link) that will be using internally by Link, ButtonLink and TextLink (useful for creating links that use client-side transitions instead of full page refreshes like next/link) does. For a reference take a look at the source for UniversalNextLink
  • An id provider for generating unique ids. This will be deprecated in a future release once the design system has been upgraded to React 18.
  • A minimal CSS reset
  • Calls useFocusVisible which we use to show focus rings when navigating with keyboard, but not when using a pointing device (such as a mouse or trackpad).


Uses Emotion's Global component to set a stylesheet to load the Aestetico font from Brighte's CDN.

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